Blackburn Air Tower HP Pump


•The ultimate high pressure floor pump • Oversized precision gauge• Extra-long hose• Aluminum Presta-specific head with bleed valve• ErgonomicT-handle with storage on both ends•Total height 730mm• Volume per stroke 335cm³• Max pressure 220psi


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[Sep 24, 2010]
old road rider
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Presta only valve. Aluminum hardware. Aluminum barrel. Well made. Rebuildable. Smooth stroke.


Tricky to use with threaded valve stems.

It's expensive, but I got it on sale at my LBS. I have not owned it long enough to see how it holds up over the long haul. Blackburn changes out their floor pumps so often that replacement parts a few years down the road are not to be found. The presta only valve head is a little difficult to use with threaded tube valves. You have to push it on using a little force and when you remove it you have to hold the valve stem with one hand and pull it off with the other. If you don't, you could pull off the valve stem. Be careful if you have bladed spokes, the first few time I wracked up a few knuckles. The pump itself has a nice smooth stroke, but it takes about 35 strokes to inflate a 700x25 tire to 110psi. About the same as my Park PFP-3.

If you use non-threaded tubes, then this pump will probably work well. All the pumps I have used in the past have had plastic valve heads and they have eventually broken.

Blackburn claims that this pump has replacement parts, but they don't list them on their website. I guess you have to contact them directly and request one (as for their frame pumps).

One big downer is that it's expensive (almost $80). But like I said, time will be the deciding factor. I gave it 3 chillies because of the value, and 3 because of the problem with threaded valves. It's a basic pump, nothing spectacular. No problems yet. How often do you use a frame pump? For me, a few times a week maybe. I does the job.

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