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Pretzels, whole Bing cherries, and smooth, dark chocolate Oh yeah. Besides the Cherry Pretzel Bar's drool-worthy taste, ProBar made this bar with fifteen whole foods that are about 70% raw. This, plus the blend of low-glycemic sweetners, quickly boosts your blood sugar and maintains your energy level (unlike processed-food bars that take your energy for a rollercoaster ride). Stash these 100%-vegan bars in your pack for backpacking trips, kayak and climbing adventures, and ski-touring days.


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[Jun 19, 2012]


High Calorie, High Carb


Dense, No Potassium/Magnesium, No Vitamins

Right on the wrapper, this is advertised as "The Whole Food Meal Bar", and from a standpoint of calories, it certainly delivers on the meal bit. A few nutrition facts before starting: 370 total calories, 160 from fat; 17g fat, 3.5 saturated; 270mg sodium; 48g total carbs, 7g from dietary fiber, 18g from sugar; 10g protein. Minerals supplied include 8%DV of calcium, and 10% of iron.

Compared to say, a Clif Bar, this is about a third again more massive, but still about the same size. That is to say, it is very dense (think chunk of granola) and in my case, did not sit well in my stomach due to this. It is not a an overly sweet concoction, instead, tasting quite earthy. Unfortunately, the 15 mostly unprocessed foods do not combine to make an especially mouthwatering combination. The lack of salts other than sodium do not lend this too well to eating as a during-workout bar, nor does the density of the bar itself. It requires quite a bit of chewing, and is very dry. As a meal replacement or backpack food, it may be more useful, but the lack of vitamins and minerals would need to be offset with supplements. The bar does get a shout out for being vegan, but for those that this is not an issue, other bars may be more desirable for meal replacement/exercise

The prices that I could find on these, around $3.00 individually or $2.50 per unit in a box, does not help if you are looking for something that will give you the most bang for your buck.

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