PowerBar 5 Electrolytes Nutrition


PowerBar 5 Electrolytes Tablets - 10 TabletsMany people taking part in sports or exercise want a sports drink that doesn t provide any additional calories. This may be to optimise fat metabolism or to cut down on overall calorie intake. Many drink water but when you workout you sweat, containing water plus electrolytes, which have numerous vital functions in the body (e.g. sodium is key for storing water). With PowerBar 5ELECTROLYTES Tablets you can mix yourself a zero calorie sports drink which provides the body with the 5 main electrolytes in the same ratio they are lost through sweat. It is ideal when you want to train your basic endurance and whenever you workout and want to stay hydratedwithout carbs or calories.Features: 5 ELECTROLYTES (sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium) in the same ratio lost through sweat Zero Sugar Zero Calories Natural flavours for a light refreshing taste No aspartame, artificial colours or preservatives

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