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Roctane comes from years ofTesting scientifically proven formulas withThousands of elite athletesTraining for and competing inThe most physically demanding sports inThe world. Roctanes advanced formula amplifies GUs original Energy Gel recipe and adds new ingredientsTo boost your chances of success. Now its yourTurnTo fill yourTank with premium Roctane and compete like a pro. Roctane utilizes GU Energy Gels proven ratio of 80% complexTo 20% simple Contains 35mg of caffeine - lessThan 1/2 cup


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[Feb 29, 2012]
Weekend Warrior


Texture was good, Chocolate Raspberry flavor was present and very good.


Packaging. I like Clif Shots idea with the tear off staying attached to the main packaging, reducing chance of dropping it accidentally. Even though I put the tear off top in my pocket, it ended up falling on the ground later.

I am getting back in to cycling after many years out of the saddle. Powerbars were about it when I was riding, with Clif Bars coming on the scene the last couple years I was actively riding. With that being said, the amount of product on the market now is amazing considering the limited market I had been exposed too. I had to gag down Powerbars and have not touched one since the Clif Bars came on the market.

I bought a new bike and picked up a "variety pack" of GU and Clif Shots just to see what they were and to see if they might be something I would carry since they are so compact. It had been a busy day and I had not eaten lunch yet, so I decided to break one open just to hold me over until I got home. My energy level was perked shortly after I consumed it, and I felt more energy that I usually would that time of day. I was pleasantly surprised with the GU Roctane. I was expecting something gritty mixed in snot, but it was very smooth, and platable. The advertised flavors were both there, and I found myself trying to squeeze out every drop of GU out of the package. I liked the packaging on the Clif Shots better than the Gu, because when you tear the top off the GU, it will inevitably end up on the ground. I put it in the zippered pocket of my vest and it still ended up falling out. Hopefully they will look into a design that will keep the top attached to the container.

I feel the pricing on all the Gel products regardless of brand is a bit high. I got a pretty good deal on my "sample pack" though. This is a product I will be buying again and I would recommend it to my friends.

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