Prologo U-Light Lights


When dusk arrives after that super hard group ride and you're charging for home, please, make sure you have a bright LED in your corner, like this Prologo U-Light Tail Light, set to flash mode, bouncing two bright-red LED's into the eyes of potentially distracted drivers.No, it doesn't even have to be this light. Any light is better than none. Honest. But if you already ride a Prologo saddle or are considering one, then the additional U-Clip accessory mount clipped to Prologo's U-Light just makes sense, since you can quickly swap out the light for a U-Bag. Plus, it runs for 60 hours on flash mode, which is pretty much an entire summer of dusks and dawns. One nice extra, especially versus blinky lights that mount to seatposts (and therefore point at the ground, rather than at drivers) is that you can alter the angle of the U-Light to point precisely where you want it to -- at the windshields of following cars.The Prologo U-Light Tail Light is a twin LED blinking beacon that attaches to the tailpiece of any Prologo-branded saddle via a (required) U-Clip accessory mount. It runs on one, three-volt CR2032 battery.

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