NiteRider Pro 1800 LED Lights


The Niterider Pro 1800 boasts one of the category's best power-to-weight ratios. With 1800 lumens of light output, the Pro 1800 is guaranteed to set the darkest trail ablaze. It features an accurate eight step energy-level gauge, keeping the rider informed of battery life at all time. These attributes make the Pro 1800 the 'go to' light among the world's top athletes and enthusiasts alike.


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[Jan 16, 2014]
Cactus Jack Slade


Great light beam pattern, light weight and compact for it's output and life, simple to use.


Poor design of connector plug, a bit pricey, battery life on high setting is a bit short

This is a GREAT light.... HOWEVER:

Ever since NiteRider changed to these new style connector plugs (between battery and light) I have hated them. They are hard to align properly and do not stay plugged in unless you really pay attention to using the velcro straps to hold the wires in place. I have had friends on multiple occasions get unplugged and LIGHTS OUT. It's only happened to me once.

This week my plug actually broke when I unplugged it - we will see if NiteRider will warranty it...

This would be a 4.5 star in my book if the plug did not suck.

[Nov 03, 2012]
All Mountain Rider


Very bright, with a great beam pattern.
Light weight, mounts nicely on a helmet with no bouncing.
Battery mounts nicely on a frame, or fits well in a pocket or camelback.


Short battery life on High.

I've used NiteRider HID lights (a Storm and a Moab) for about 10 years, with 100+ days per year under lights either biking or skate-skiing. I've tried a couple of earlier LED's, but found they didn't stack up to the HIDs in light output or battery life. I was curious to try the latest LED's, and got a good deal on the Pro 1800 a REI. I've now used it about a dozen times, and am impressed. The light head is about half the weight of the HID, which is great on a helmet. It puts out much more light on high, with a wider and more even beam pattern. The mid-level 800 lumen setting is fairly equivalent to my Moab, but the LED is putting out more useable light with the broader beam. The High setting is impressive, especially in inky dark damp woods which just absorb light. The medium setting is fine for most riding and climbing, and I save the High setting for the fast stuff.
The downside on High is the short battery life, getting maybe 75 minutes on high at 10 degrees F with the battery in my camelback. By comparison, I get about 4 hours on my Storm, and over 10 hours on the Moab, though these batteries are about twice the weight of the Pro 1800's. But, when it's really dark and gnarly, I love the extra light.

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