NiteRider Mako 2 Watt Lights


The new Mako Series packs a serious punch with a four light line up. These commuter lights span the range from "be seen" lights to the powerful Mako 2 Watt pumping out 130 lumens and helmet mountable. Our favorite feature is the side "gills" emit a red light, which not only looks cool, but makes the Makos more visible.


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[Feb 01, 2012]
Weekend Warrior


The strengths of this product would be that for the price point i don't think there are to many other lights that have the same amount of lumens in that price range. Other benefits would be that it runs on only 2 AA batteries and has somewhere around a 20 hour run time on its highest setting and you will not be needing and tools to replace the batteries which is a nicer feature if you happen to run out of battery during your ride you can quick remove the front of the light place you 2 new batteries in and away you go.


The only weaknesses that i have seen thus far with the product is that it does use replaceable batteries in stead of a rechargeable which in some cases might be better for the user but for what i do is see it as a draw back. One other major weaknesses i saw with this light is the flashing mode that it has it almost is like a strobe light turned up really fast and has limited real world use.

I think that just about any rider could benefit for using this product because you may already have a light that is more powerful but this light would be great if you other light dies or if you want to have handle bar lights and a helmet light and this light would easily fill the roll of either. So why you should buy it is because its a great light for its value and is very light weight and can be used in many different situations. Great light happy with it thus far and don't see it changing any time soon

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