Light & Motion Urban 500 Lights

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In the past, performance lights and commuter lights simply didn't mix. That is, those were two completely different categories of products with very little in common. The reason is that big-output performance lights were bulky and often included separate battery packs and an easy-tangled length of power cord. Nobody wants to fuss with this business when commuting. And commuting generally requires less light. Or you'd think so at first. Light and Motion's Urban 500 Light bridges that gap. It's tidy, compact, and self-contained, and it offers a high performance punch of light. Of course, it's nice to see the path or broken pavement when you ride, but what we've come to realize when riding at night is that it's perhaps more important to be seen.The Urban 500 casts an outstanding 500 lumens beam. This is more light than ever before in a self-contained package from Light and Motion. You'll be comfortable seeing obstacles at speed and having time to avoid them before you run over them. Like the Vis series, Light and Motion's Urban lights have amber side lights to increase your cone of visibility, adding to your safety. Accident data tells us that most car/bike accidents occur at intersections, and not surprisingly, with cars turning into or across cyclist's paths as they thread their way through the intersection. So the more light you can project in all directions, the better.Light and Motion packs the lamp and the battery into a self-contained alloy housing. You won't have to fuss with cords and batteries to get it mounted on your handlebars, and it won't look cluttered or reduce the space on the tops of the bars for your hands. When it comes to recharging it, you'll simply connect the included USB-Micro charge cable into the lamp unit on one end and into an open USB port on the other. The Light and Motion Urban 500 Light has four settings -- High, Medium, Low, and Flash. It will run for 1.5 hours on the high setting and for 3 hours on medium. The lowest setting stretches the battery life out to 6 hours. Once it's discharged a complete charge requires 5 hours. It's designed to be mounted onto your handlebars and comes with a rubberized, tool-free strap that secures the light in an instant.

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