Lezyne Macro Drive Lights


The Macro Drive is a 300 lumen light that features a lightweight and durable CNC machined aluminum body with Side Visibility cuts, and MOR Optics. The Intelligent Power Indicator button allows the user to check the power level at any time. The Composite Matrix end cap conceals the USB port for recharging the Li-ion battery (non-replaceable). The light attaches to a wide range of handlebar diameters via a snap-fit Composite Matrix mount that is secured with a multi-position, silicon rubber strap for tool-less installation. It is available as a single front LED or as a front/rear pair (Macro Drive front and Micro Drive Rear).


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[Nov 26, 2012]


Build quality of main light body
Integrated rechargeable battery
Good run time
Battery level indicator
Weight (107g ish if I recall)
Neat packaging


Poor mounting bracket design
300 Lumens isn't that much - a ‘to be seen’ rather than a ‘to see by’ light
Would be totally out of its depth off-road

I bought this light primarily for my (fast dark and wet) urban commute; I also hoped that it might be sufficient for a little light off-roading, but is seems that was a bit too much to ask of a 300 lumen light. I’ll admit, I didn’t really have a clear concept of just how much light a lumen represents. For commuting, the 300 lumen ‘blast’ mode is fine, it doesn’t exactly turn night into day but so far it seems to be enough for other traffic to notice me. On well-lit streets, this light doesn’t really make much difference to how far, or how much, you can see; road signs do stand out though. On un-lit roads, it is just about sufficient to see where you are going, but no more. I haven’t even bothered trying it off-road.

The integrated re-chargeable battery is neat and seems to last reasonably well, the battery level indicator lights in the switch are also a nice touch.

Whilst I haven’t yet had it long, build quality of the light appears excellent; it feels as if it will last a long time providing it doesn’t escape from the mounting bracket. I have read many tails of the light jumping out from its mounting bracket and getting lost, I can see exactly how this may happen so have modified by bracket with the addition of a pair of rubber O-rings. The O-rings are looped around the bracket and the lamp slides inside them; this prevents the light moving vertically up out of the bracket and provides downwards pressure, ensuring it can’t slide fore/aft either.

So in summary; if you are an urban commuter and want a light weight and easy to re-charge light that doesn’t cost silly money then I’d say go for it (providing you modify the bracket). If you want a light that will intimidate other traffic, work off-road or turn night into day, look elsewhere.

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