Cygolite Turbo 800 Lights


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[Jul 16, 2015]
Weekend Warrior


Great value - price for lumen was spot on for me.

Light- The light is bright, beam is far and mostly centered.

Battery- extremely happy with this function, long lasting, small package and durable hardware and easy to strap on. Connections are tight and fast charging.

Features - Lots of various patterns/brightness levels. I particularly appreciate the pulsing steady function, which allows for you to have a steady beam of light while pulsing to improve driver awareness. While most of my time is on the mountains, I do transition from the roads. I also like the super high light mode, when I get to a section that can be sketchy this is helpful.

Build Quality - Excellent. one of the best qualities I have seen. Everything is tight and quality controlled from what I can tell. I also appreciate they support local USA labor. tolerances seem very tight and well designed.

Mount - seems really strong to the bar, I have had zero issues with the mount moving or the light pattern jarring while riding rocky terrain.

Weight - Very light, small compact package. Takes up little room in a pack or on the bars.


Beam width - While the beam is extremely bright, it is not always well sprayed in the width department. I knew this going into the light, so this is actually by design of the light. If you are looking for a "wide" sprayed beam, look elsewhere. I found the beam to be a nice balance of width to spread. I see plenty far on the trail but I can see this being a problem for some people.

Didn't come with a helmet mount. This light would really excel as a helmet mounted light.

Cygolite Turbo 800 was picked as a good value to light mixture for me. I found the form and ease of use to be appealing prior to purchasing it. Having used it a few times now, I am pleased with the performance of the light. I have used various lights in the past such a nite rider and generic Chinese 1000 lumen before. I find it easy to turn on and off, change modes, and find the lighting exactly for my needs. I have not used the helmet mount as the light only comes with handlebars.

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