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Cygolite MityCross 480 OSP: Powerful and compact, the MityCross 480 OSP smart light integrates Cree's state-of-the-art LEDs in a dual beam headlight for maximum brightness at minimum size. Smart OSP technology lets you customize your brightness levels, while the long lasting Li-Ion battery stows neatly under your stem. The low profile headlight takes up little on your bike but at night, this palm sized system packs serious light on your favorite trail or 24 hour race. (OSP patent pending)


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[Jan 13, 2012]
Weekend Warrior


Brightness levels, and each level can be custom adjusted (OSP); excellent well made light and light bracket; light head and battery size.


Battery strap

I've always owned Cygolite products because they always last a long time. My first Cygolite was a expensive unit called a Metro, I've owned it for 15 years or so and it still works! I bought the Cygolite ExpiliOn 300 for my wife's bike and it too is a great light. So I decided to get something brighter and bought the failed one month into ownership, and the company I purchased from I never heard from again despite numerous e-mails. So after that problem I went back to Cygolite and got the MityCross 480 and I'm glad I did. The light head size took me for surprise when I opened the box, I hadn't seen a light that small before and thought gee, I wonder how bright this thing can be? The light is noticeably brighter then the MagicShine 900 was! The battery is smaller and burns longer then the Magicshine did. Also like all Cygolite light products their headlight brackets are second to none; it secures the light very firmly with no flimsy plastic parts that either won't hold firmly or will eventually break.

The light comes with a feature called OSD, this allows you to custom tune the brightness levels of any of the three fixed levels. I haven't found much of a use for this except the factory middle light setting was too close to the brightness level of the high setting, so I got into the OSD programming and brought the level of brightness down to a level in between low and high. You can also custom tune the flash pattern with the OSD feature, but again I haven't had a need for that since the factory set flash rate is just fine for me.

I do some weekend touring on my bike and the light has been exposed to rain...lots of rain, and it never once flinched.

My only complaint is a small one. The battery fastener is just a Velcro strap, and no matter how tight you make the strap the battery still moves. Fortunately the battery is small, quite a bit smaller then the MagicShine but still runs the light longer, so the lighter weight of a smaller battery prevents it from being a total nuisance. It's a small complaint because all lights I've owned with separate batteries had the same issue. I just hope someday Cygolite will see the light and make a more secure battery holder. So I'm giving the light all 5 stars because no one does a good job of securing the battery.

This light is great for the commuter, or a person who likes to ride at night and rides fast while wanting to see the road rather then just be seen; although even if you don't ride fast you can select dimmer settings to compensate for your speed. Also it's great even for a daytime commuter who may find themselves riding on busy roads or highways, dim, foggy or rainy days, put the light on flash mode and you will be noticed. I don't do off road riding so for single track riding I'm not sure, but you might want a brighter light to see more detail in tricky terrain.

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