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Metro is specifically designed for the commuter who needs an intense headlight. This 12.5-watt dual beam system produces full road coverage, making the night time commute easier and safer. It's powered on "D" size disposable batteries and can be upgraded to a rechargeable battery system. The Metro provides years of reliable performance at an affordable price.


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[Aug 27, 2004]


Price, price, price, you would have to spend over a $100 to find a light better then this one; this light with just one of the two beams on is far brighter then any LED light currently on the market. Uses 6 D Alkaline batteries which I prefer, or buy rechargeable D batteries.


Using 6 D batteries may not be everyones cup of tea. Otherwise no weaknesses.

For the money you cannot find a brighter light; I tried a couple of others as listed before but this unit was only $12 more then the Cateye EL300 5 LED light, and when I compared the two side by side with just the flood on the Cygo, you couldn't even tell the Cateye was even on! On city streets I never need both beams, I just use the flood for broader visiblity; even on pitch dark bike paths or country roads the flood is enough, but I usually run both for added safety.

The battery run time is really long for such a bright light at 5 hours on one beam and 2.5 hours on both. I can get 12 Alkaline D batteries at Walmart for only $8 but you could get rechargeables and not worry about replacing the bats, but I don't like being tied to a wall outlet. You can also buy just the battery pack and recharger system for the Cygo Rover then you would have 2 different types of battery systems. The unit gives plenty of warning your batteries are dying simply by the fact that when your on one beam the light output dims a bit when you go to both; usually after this happens you have about 45 to 60 minutes of battery life left. You could also buy the next step up in brighter bulbs for either the flood or spot (don't do this for both because the head unit may get too hot), but that would shorten the battery life and it's really not needed.

It's rugged enough to absorb very rough streets and rain without problems.

I've had the light now for one year and I'm extremely pleased with it's performance and highly recommend it too someone who is contemplating one of those self contained lights that are useless to see the road by, or who doesn't want to spend more then $100.

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Cateye EL300 and Zefal HF635.

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