CandlePower Tech TrailTorch TT3000 Lights


The light heads are very smart to use the universal GoPro compatible mount, thus it is ready for an array of helmets with built-in mounts. And the plethora of GoPro or third party mounts can be used with this light.


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[Dec 19, 2015]
All Mountain Rider


High end CNC machining and parts
More powerful output with no hotspots, good throw and wide squares beam pattern
Bomb proof battery packs
Great high end cabling
Great warranty and communication
Excellent price per claimed lumens at $299.00
American made and durable
Light weight and nice kit parts


None seen

Second light from this company.
I’m a return buyer to this company. I had purchased their TT1800 a few years back and found that it fit the build for a high end light with quality output, meticulous build at a fairly reasonable price.. Recently, I purchases this light, the TT3000, and found it to be orders of magnitude better than the TT1800 in all respects even though the 1800 is a killer light for night riding. While I can’t authenticate the actual lumens, the beam pattern and throw is fantastic and a quantum leap above the1800. Strapped to my helmet, I can’t outrun the beam and the squared off pattern gives a very deep throw and a very even broad pattern that pushes back the darkness better than any lights I’ve seen. The battery packs are bullet proof, and I carry a backup in my camelback. Run times, at 40 degrees have exceeded an hour and a half without discharging the battery completely or it dropping down in brightness. I'll be testing to see if these can push beyond 2+ hours per charge. Cabling is literally a snap and is uber high end.
ALSO, I purchased their XFlare tail light (and a hundred other possible uses) and think it is in a class by itself as tail lights go. My riding buddies, like me, think it produces a demanding flash that simply cannot be ignored by any driver. It looks like you are coming up on a police cruiser with its light on. Everything these guys sell is top notch workmanship and avenues of communication are great. Like many readers I am baffled why MTBR does not list the actual lumen output for this product, but nonetheless, it works as promised where it is most needed… in the utter and complete darkness of the deep woods at night.

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