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[Sep 24, 2016]
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It works fairly reliably. Easy to set up and works well with other components.


Way overpriced. Many annoying features and things that could have been done better.

First is: Maps? Where are they? Oh you have to pay extra for those? But wait..aren't their loads of open-source maps these days? Yes you can put one one, but then you'll risk bricking your 520 and have no warranty. So want a map safely talk to Garmin and they sort it for even more money! I thought I'd paid enough for a device with more than a basic map, but no.

Screen is made of cheaper glass than bar beer glasses. Slightest drop will crack the screen.

Device will auto power-down after 5 minutes pointless and annoying, exactly when you are finishing taking a short break. Then it will take 5 more minutes to re-power and re-acquire satellites.

I've told the device my age and weight, yet without the heart rate monitor it thinks I burn 1000 calories an hour when soft pedalling!

The device adds total ascent in weird 1-5-10 meter chunks and never seems to properly match the current elevation.

The battery only lasts about 12 hours, but at least it can be charged on the fly.

The updates do absolutely nothing to improve it, just window dressing to make you feel 'they are working hard on your behalf'.

It's a solid bike computer, but there are so many flaws and 'could have been done betters' that ultimately I'm left quite frustrated with this product. Garmin ought to be careful, their name can only get them so far, I really can foresee a very clued in company quite easily bettering a 520 for maybe half the cost. Surely this thing only costs $20 to make in China. What you ultimately get for the money is pretty weak.

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