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[Aug 07, 2015]
Cross Country Rider


Easy to set up


Inaccurate for mountain biking, even with a wheel sensor.

Don’t buy this for mountain biking. Even with a speed sensor it is incredibly inaccurate.

I bought the Edge 25 because it was a good price point, and, according to the preliminary reviews, it had all the features I wanted. A big plus was that it could sync with my smart phone.
Because I ride my mountain bike about 75 percent of the time, I also bought a speed sensor so I could get accurate distance measurements on the trails I ride.
The Edge 25 and the speed sensor were easy to set up.
But the Edge 25 never gave me an accurate distance reading, even with the speed sensor installed. Over two weeks, I rode my local trails, and the Edge 25 with speed sensor was off by 1.5 miles over a 6-mile course. That’s too much over a 30-minute ride. I tested it on other trails, judging it against friends’ computers, and it was consistently wrong.
On the road it was decent. Over a 55-mile ride, I had a difference of 1 mile compared to my friend’s computer.

I called Garmin, and they began testing the speed sensor with the Edge 25. Because it was a new product only a few weeks old, they didn’t know how the two paired.
The next day the representative called after testing the combo and said that the Edge 25 doesn’t offer any additional calibration options with the Edge 25. It’s either on or off. You can’t adjust wheel size. The representative said that the computer was comparing the GPS mileage to the speed sensor while I was on the trail, so it wasn’t giving an accurate reading.
Plus, she said that the Edge 25 does not offer the same accuracy as their higher end models. It takes fewer points of data compared to the 510 or others. It was meant for a more “recreational” cyclist who wants to throw it on his bike and ride occasionally.
A $170 computer is a little steep for a “recreational” cyclist, especially when a smart phone will work just as well.

Garmin offered me a return, which was great.

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