White Lightning Chain Johnny Extras


Transporting your bicycle in an airline case or in a vehicle without a dedicated roof or hitch rack can often be a messy, if not worrisome experience. The White Lighting Chain Johnny is a simple solution to preventing drivetrain grease marks or chainrings gouging the leather backseat of your sedan. The Chain Johnny's bomber construction also protects your drivetrain from any exposure to the elements or damage from other storage hazards as you transport it to your race or group ride.The Chain Johnny is constructed from a durable, 2-ply rubber and nylon fabric, and secured by Velcro closures. Simply shift to your largest chainring (or smallest, if you're wrapping a mountain bike drivetrain) and smallest cog, before wrapping it around the drivetrain from front to back and sealing the Velcro. In addition to providing exponentially better protection than your old faithful towels or rugs, the Johnny is also highly water-resistant, making it essential if you plan on hauling your bike outside your vehicle as well.The White Lightning Chain Johnny is universally sized, and is designed to fit all road and mountain bikes.

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