SKS Raceblade Fenders Extras


We embrace the concept of owning a backup bike. Call it what you will -- a trainer bike, a rain bike, a beater bike, whatever. But the reality of things is this: When you're in real training mode you're going to ride outside rain or shine, and each day closer you get to your "A" race, the more averse you'll be to riding any other bike than the exact bike you'll be racing. The harmony of man and machine is elemental, and the experience of owning a race bike is no different from the experience of having a new, really hot girlfriend -- the "getting to know you" part of the process is a delight, then once that stage is over you take immense comfort in the familiarity of things. Our observation is hardly paradigm-shattering. After all, who doesn't want to ride their favorite bike? And who wants to take time away from riding their favorite bike and instead devote time to cleaning it? Hence the SKS Race Blade fenders. They are terribly un-American but likewise very Euro in purpose: When pros train in Belgium in the Spring they slap fenders on their race bikes. Why? Because rain or shine the hard-men of Belgium are putting in their daily 6 hours, and they don't want their backsides and legs soaked to the bone 10 minutes into the ride. The Race Blade keeps you dry from road spray, and it goes a long way to prevent your bike from getting waterlogged and otherwise trashed.We dig on the Race Blade for one central reason: They use a rubber grommet system to attach to your bike. Think of it as being like a quick release system. It literally takes 10 seconds of tool-free time to put them on and take them off. They stay firmly in place, but they won't mar your frame -- be it a steel or alloy frame with glossy paint, or a carbon frame with a lush clear coat. Take these on and off for season after season and your bike won't look a any different for it. In addition, they're light and nicely aerodynamic. The Race Blade fits 700c wheels equipped with tires ranging in size from 18c-23c. They're available in 3 colors: Black, White, and what they refer to as "Carbon Look," a very fast-looking faux carbon fiber finish. They weigh in at 250g for both the front and rear fenders, as well as the mounting hardware.

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