Qm Sports Care Antifriction Plus Cream Extras


Not too many companies take their chamois creams as seriously as QM Sports Care. Immediate evidence of that is the fact that they have two different options. With the QM Sports Care Antifriction Cream+, you get all the smooth, no-nonsense protection of the regular Antifriction Cream, but with a vegetable base.Back in the day, it was common to lather petroleum jelly on the leather chamois because it worked well and was cheap. Once synthetic fabrics became the norm, the job description of the chamois cream changed however; no longer was a cream needed to soften a cardboard-hard piece of animal hide. These days we use chamois cream to sooth the skin, reduce friction caused by moisture, and provide antibacterial protection. Companies soon found that vegetable based creams do this better than petroleum jellies, and many riders discovered that they preferred the feel of the veggie based chamois creams. Recognizing that fact, QM Sports Care offers the vegetable-based Antifriction Cream+.The tan cream has a density similar to that of Vicks Vapor Rub, but the similarities end there. It doesn't tingle. It isn't cooling. In fact you'll hardly notice it's there. It is a silent savior. Only when the ride is over and you peel off your bibs will it occur to you that, golly, there wasn't any friction or irritation all day. And unlike some other chamois creams, the consistency of the Antifriction Cream+ seems to keep you from slipping around on a freshly treated pad.Friction is one scourge. Bacteria are another. Heavily rubbed skin in steamy hot, minimally ventilated areas is always going to be a breeding ground for bacteria. And bacteria are what lead to the Oscar Freire or Tom Boonen season-ending, surgery-demanding saddle sores. The Antifriction Cream+ has anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal ingredients which mean that infections will be eliminated, provided you already practice a reasonably high level of hygiene. Keep it clean, apply the QM Sports Care Antifriction Cream+ to the chamois or directly to the skin, and you won't have to worry about problems of the least desirable kind.

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