Paceline Eurostyle Warm Embrocation Extras


Cycling can be tough. In fact, it's tough most of the time. So, it's not surprising that our brain plays games to keep us from shattering ourselves on the road whenever it can. This condition is most apparent in the 'fair-weather cyclist', aka, the worst kind of cyclist. When you can see your breath, lather the Paceline Products Eurostyle Warm Embrocation on your legs and wheelie past the houses of all of your friends who bailed, because the best revenge is living well.Paceline Products' Eurostyle Warm Embrocation has been designed to take the chill off your skin at temperatures below 70 degrees. It works by sealing exposed skin from the air, creating a warming barrier as the wind feverishly tries to freeze your legs. The warming agents not only fight the cold, but they also stimulate muscle activity. No, this embrocation isn't a snake-oil, cure-all kind of tonic, but when your legs think that it's 78 degrees instead of 50, you're going to be riding faster. The Embrocation has a creamy consistency that makes for an easy, non-greasy application. Simply add a dollop to your hands and rub it onto your arms, legs, or anywhere that will be exposed to the elements. Paceline Products recommends applying petroleum jelly over the embrocation if you need a touch of added warmth before your ride.The Paceline Products Eurostyle Warm Embrocation is available in an eight ounce container.

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