Paceline Eurostyle Butter Skin & Chamois Extras

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Chamois have enabled cyclists of all levels to enjoy the sport comfortably by offering additional padding and reduced friction, allowing for longer rides. But, chamois alone are not the solution to cycling discomfort. Paceline Products Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle Creme helps boost the chamois' effectiveness by conditioning the skin and reducing friction.Chamois Butt?r Eurostyle Creme has a rich texture and provides a cooling and soothing sensation due to its natural Brazilian Peppertree ingredient. This non-greasy lubricant also has menthol and witch hazel for their antibacterial and astringent properties. This reduces friction, tightens pores, and fights bacteria that can lead to saddle sores.Paceline Products Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle Creme is made from all natural ingredients with no perfumes or dyes and comes in a four ounce tube or an eight ounce jar.

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