Mad Alchemy Warming Pre-ride Oil Extras


Mad Alchemy's Warming Pre-Ride Oil offers a number of advantages over more traditional (and more viscous) embrocations. This version of their Pre-Ride Oil offers an extra feature over the non-warming version -- heat.If you look at the bottle, you'll immediately notice the reddish-orange hue of the warming oil rather than the yellow hue of the non-warming oil. That's thanks to capsicum annuum, the ingredient that brings warmth to your skin as a topical counter-irritant. The heat here is not insignificant, with this being the warmest of their leg lotions. The beauty of the oil is that you can control the heat by rubbing in more or less as the temperature and your body allows.Both have a base of grapeseed and rapeseed oils, which means both will work fine whether your legs are clean-shaven or not. Either way the oil provides a nice shine, and the hairy legged will not be foiled with clumped or matted legs. And whether your legs are directly exposed to the cold or covered by tights, warmers, or even pants, the oil will work to keep your muscles feeling good and warm. Because the alchemists only use natural ingredients, you won't have to worry about the oils degrading your expensive spandex clothing.The Mad Alchemy Non-Warming Pre-Ride Oil comes in a spray bottle that contains 4 oz (120ml) of the solution.

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