Mad Alchemy Euro Pro Chamois Creme Extras


Whether you're racing in the French Alps or Alpine Valley, Wisconsin, racing is pretty much just racing. The difference is atmosphere. Get one whiff of this Mad Alchemy Euro Pro Chamois Creme and you'll be transported to a valley in the French Alps, no matter which Alpine Valley you happen to be in.Just unscrew the lid and you'll know it; your olfactory senses will breathe in scents of cedar forests and alpine herbs, moving your mind and body to a calming place as you suit up. More importantly, the creme will coat your undercarriage with essential oils mixed into the lubricating film to smooth out the ride and to help prevent bacterial and fungal growth.It's worth noting that all three Mad Alchemy chamois creme formulations work with the same base ingredients. As such, they share similar viscosity, lubricity, and are safe for both hommes and femmes. They are all veggie-based with high-quality ingredients. The main difference is the scents, though La Femme has a higher concentration of the essential oils that can help fight potential infections.The Mad Alchemy Euro Pro Chamois Creme comes in a 4 oz (120ml) tub.

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