Hammer Nutrition Pelle Eccellente Skin Cream Extras


You know the dude on the ride whose legs are shaved -- and particles of dead skin are flaking off as he spins out ahead of the group? Buy that man a tube of Hammer Pelle Eccellente Petroleum-Free Ultra-Hydrating Skin Cream immediately! Unless that dude is you, in which case here's the story so you understand why this isn't a tube of suntan lotion, nor is it a tub of Pond's Cold Cream.Pelle Eccellente (Italian for 'excellent skin') contains olive oil and, importantly, jojoba oil. While olive oil is an emollient that softens skin, jojoba oil (derived from a cactus-like plant that grows in the desert southwest) has a chemical composition very close to that of our own skin oils, so it absorbs and assimilates rapidly and reduces the dry, flaky skin so common on riders who shave their legs. This is also why you'll see it used in dandruff shampoos. Other ingredients include both comfrey, which is soothing to dry skin and reduces irritation, and aloe, which helps heal small cuts. There's also beeswax and carnuba wax, both of which act as a sort of seal against further drying.Also, because Pelle Eccellente is so rich in oils, a very small amount goes a long way. So although it seems expensive for such a small quantity, you'll be shocked at how little you need to take care of your dry, wind-chapped gams.Hammer Pelle Eccellente Petroleum-Free Ultra-Hydrating Skin Cream offers critical skin protection. It contains a potent mixture of jojoba and olive oils, and skin soothing agents like comfrey and aloe, as well as beeswax and carnuba wax to prevent further drying. It comes in a 4oz jar.

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