Hammer Nutrition Cool Feet Powder Extras


If you don't use anti-bacterial and anti-fungal foot powder in that greenhouse of stink known as your cycling shoes, it's way past time you change that bad habit. And beyond the benefit of not having rotting feet, an agent such as Hammer's Cool Feet All Natural Foot Powder has the added pleasing effect of making your feet feel dry, even if you sweat heavily -- a no-brainer.The magic elixirs in Cool Feet All Natural Foot Powder include Arrowroot, Baking Soda and clays, all of which are desiccants, meaning they absorb many times their volume in moisture. A bonus: Baking Soda is a neutralizer of acid, and since fungi and bacteria prefer acidic environments it's a natural anti-bacterial agent. And by the way, what you won't find in Dr. Scholl's are ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Clove, both of which are used to prevent skin irritation.Hammer's Cool Feet All Natural Foot Powder is a completely natural drying and soothing agent for your feet and cycling shoes. To prevent bacteria and other nasty fungal life forms from attacking your feet, use once every other ride in your socks or lightly dusted into your cycling shoes. It comes in a 2.7oz bottle.

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