Hammer Nutrition Balm Muscle Cream Extras


There are two results you want from massage: you want to heat the muscle and increase circulation, and you want to break up muscle spasms and knotted, or very tight muscle contractions. Using a cream like Hammer Balm Triple Action Transdermal Muscle Cream on particularly sore muscles will accentuate the benefits of the massage as well as offer multiple medicinal benefits.First, Hammer Balm Triple Action contains Arnica, which has been shown to help increase circulation, since its key active ingredient is Thymol (it's also found in the herb, Thyme), which is a vasodilator. More blood flow, in turn, warms the muscle and allows it to heal itself, and increased circulation also reduces the pain caused by swollen, sore muscles. Thymol is also a fungicide and disinfectant, so it's safe to use immediately after exercise to manually rub into tired legs even if you've yet to have a chance to shower, since it will act to cleans any grime on your skin and prevent it from causing irritation. You'll also get the benefit of Capsaicin, which enhances the perceived warming effect of massage. Just don't rub your finger in your eye after you rub out your legs.Hammer Balm Triple Action Transdermal Muscle Cream is ideal for post-ride use to increase blood flow to sore muscles, or as a massage cream. It contains active ingredients of Arnica and Capsaicin, as well as Clove Oil, to give it a pleasant scent. It comes in a 4oz jar.

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