Effetto Mariposa Caffe Latex Tyre Sealant Extras


Effetto Caffe Latex SealantCaff latex is a truly innovative tyre sealant, successfully used on and off (mtb, cyclocross) road, for tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications.Characteristics:Improved formula (since January 2012): thanks to the addition of microscopic silicate particles, Caff latex now moves more slowly through holes, allowing the sealing ingredient more time to heal the puncture. These particles are NOT the macro-size (e.g., glitter 150-300 microns) but rather microscopic particles less than 2 microns in diameter. Thus, Caff latex flow characteristics change on a microscopic level without the headaches of valve-clogging glitter. Puncture repair speed is up to 5 times faster, an improvement especially noticeable with lightweight or thin-casing tiresFoaming action activated by wheel movement: the first advantage of Caff latex over classic latex-based sealants comes from a foaming agent (Actifoam ), activated by wheel movement. Centrifugal force drives standard latex-ba

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