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Chaffing is chaffing, no matter what your anatomy. Whoever thought that women cyclists don't suffer similar friction issues as their male counterparts? The answer is, nobody even thought about it until now: DZ Nuts Bliss Women's Chamois Cream has arrived, ladies. And now we can all heave a sigh of relief. Scientifically formulated to soothe women's sensitive skin in the nether regions, the pro-grade chamois cream provides the ultimate protection even for top level training and racing. Nothing can ruin a ride faster than chaffed skin which gets rawer and rawer with every pedal stroke. Bliss Women's Chamois Cream works to take care of old sores while preventing new irritations. The cream's anti-bacterial properties not only reduce the chances of infection, but they promote healthy skin by strengthening the skin's biological defenses against infection. It boasts moisture absorbing polymers which are designated to alleviate the level of dampness next to your skin, thereby reducing the likelihood of friction developing. And for those adventuresome ladies who have used non-lady specific chamois creams in past, you can say goodbye to that somewhat unpleasant cool, tingling sensation. Getting out of the saddle while heading into a cold wind will no longer feel like you've sat down in an icy stream. DZ Nuts Bliss Women's Chamois Cream substantially reduces that itchy, prickly feeling even when your latest wax job begins to wear off. If you didn't already love Dave Zabriskie for his dour, irreverent media persona, you will love him and his company for thinking intimately of the ladies in the audience.

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