VDO M 6.1 Computer


Multifunctionality on request: the VDO M6.1 can be optionally upgraded with a cadence and/or heart rate transmitter. The complete package shows three values on the display at the same time so as to precisely inform you how much you are demanding of your body.The M6.1''s initial set-up is easily be done via the new docking station. Ride data can then be analysed by the new VDO software. The data is uploaded in the standard .fit format and can therefore be shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Strava and the likes. The M6.1 can work with two different start altitudes. One start altitude can, for example, be your home start altitude.The second start altitude could be that of a holiday location. Once you have set these start altitudes, the recalibration process before the next trip is extremely quick and easy.

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