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The Cateye V2C computer is an example of old school gone high-tech for your bike. It's a small, elegant computer with a bright and sizable three-line display with intuitive navigation to move between functions. The V2C uses a coded 2.4 GHz digital transmission to eliminate interference from other cycling computers and it features a combined speed and cadence sensor.Like other recent Cateye computers, the V2C mounts "without tools" on virtually any bar or stem, and the speed/cadence sensor attaches to nearly every chainstay out there, no matter its shape. The V2C uses buttons integrated into the face of the unit, and automatically recognizes two bikes so you don't have to reprogram when you move the computer from your road bike to your mountain bike. You get current, max, and average speed and cadence; total and trip distance, countdown distance and a timer. You also get elapsed time, the date, a clock, and enough memory to store 14 files and 99 laps.


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[Oct 24, 2009]
Weekend Warrior


Reliability in receiving a signal


Small display for some options

Nice Computer - tired of losing the signal with my Trek wireless computer due to the long travel the front forks the mountain bikes offer today. Sure I tried to move up the wireless transmitter, changed out batteries, took it back to the bike shop and called Trek... they blamed the headlight for blocking the signal? The wireless units from Trek and their OLD original technology just does not offer the reliable service we expect these days. The digital technology of the 2.4GHz frequency has finally resolved us from having to go back to the old wired technology to achieve reliable results. That is when it makes sense to go to a proven company like CATEYE that specializes in just accessories. Other than some of the indicators on the display screen and the buttons being a little small this unit is perfect for on or off road riding. For those of you who live in the cold regions of the country and use the stands during the winter months the rear mounted transmitter will be a plus. I find it perfect placement when riding through dense fields. Has all the basic functions and then some... nicest and most reliable computer I have found but you will pay a few extra dollars for it.

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