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The Raceway Platform 2 blendsThe best features of modern hitch racks with a bumper-mount designThat can easily be installed and removed as needed. Loading is easy,The wheelTrays add a level of support and stabilityThat hasnt been previously available with bumper mount designs. Durable injection molded construction Rack attachesTo vehicle via high strength cablesThat also lockThe rackToThe vehicle Integrated locking cable securesThe bikesToThe rack


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[May 23, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


- stable rack even at high speed
- 4 point contact instead of the normal 6 (hey if its stable, 4 is fine) therefore less paint damage on the vehicle
- easy setup
- possibly frameless contact (depending on bike geometry)
- easy to tighten with cable ratchet system compared with pull straps
- no straps flopping around on high speed causing marks everywhere
- comes with lock cores preinstalled and keys
- works with multiple wheel size, frame size and frame geometry


- heavy (can possibly leave dents on your vehicle)
- somewhat large for storage as the platform base makes it large
- only carries two bikes instead of three (unlike most trunk rack)
- spacing between the two bikes could be wider to eliminate contact
- wheel straps could be tight for wide tires
- cables will stretch overtime and needs tightening
- clamp could have more horizontal slide to allow clamping on seatpost without sliding the bike all the way to one side, large frames cannot be adjusted to the point of clamping on seatpost, top tube contact is the only option which can be a problem if you care about the paint job or if you have a carbon frame

Very stable rack overall, a value solution if you don't want to invest on a tow hitch or a roof base rack

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[Nov 27, 2011]
Weekend Warrior


rack holds two mountain bikes, travels well at highway speeds, haven't lost a bike taking sharp turns yet, install and removal is a cinch considering there are only 4 straps instead of 6, all straps are on a ratchet system where they wind into unit, unit comes with locks, you can lock the rack to the car and the bikes to the rack (although if someone wants it they are going to take it), it did not leave dents in trunk.


the unit is heavy, I mean it's heavy for a bike rack but considering how well it holds the bikes it's not really a complaint, it's not really heavy, about as heavy as a downhill bike. The price is kinda steep but again considering what it does compared to other racks it is worth the money, I got a deal because they had it mis-labled on their site and I called them on it and they matched it, thye give you a setup chart for your each individual car, I found that the setup they gave me was incorrect and had to move the adjuster to the next level in order to get the bikes to sit level, the rack with or without the bikes will cause your car to have horrible gas mileage, but that goes without saying with any bike rack.

I have had compliments on the rack and if you don't want to spend the money on a roof rack that is car specific or don't want to commit to a hitch type rack this is the next best thing.

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