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TheThule 910XT Passage 2Trunk bike carrier will hold 2 bikes safely and securely. WithThule's FitDial™, you can customizeThe set-up for a perfect fit. The narrower arms makeThe rack convenientTo smaller kid's bikes as well as well as a wide range of frames. 6 straps hold rack securelyTo vehicle Arms fold down when not in use SoftCushion™ pads protect car and frames


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[May 13, 2012]




Won't hold after one bump it will fall apart.

I recommend Don't use.

[Aug 05, 2009]
Cross Country Rider


Held bikes firmly in place on local roads, and on highway

Easy to load bikes on to rack and the straps on the clips are very simple and easy to use but still hold the bike very firmly in place

Very stable on car, even when bikes loaded.


It took longer than it maybe should have to set up on the car the first time. Probably a good 40 minutes or so. The fit tips say to put bottom straps in trunk crack, but the gap is too small on an 04 Gallant. Put them under the bumper instead, no problem really.

It also took a bit of maneuvering to get a girls bike on, had to use crossbar and bottom bar of frame but the clips slide and rotate so once you get it to where you need it to be no problems really.

Make sure you consult the fit tips for your car's make and model, if you go rouge and do your own thing and the rack is too close to your car, the pedals could scratch the paint.

It may seem as though I have filled up the weaknesses colum quite a bit but don't be at all discouraged from this product or any others in their line because they are great. My girlfriend bought this rack off the internet and I helped her put it on before we took a trip to Erie for the weekend.

The biggest thing I can say is this is defintely a product that you want to read the manual for. Follow the fit tips to the letter and you shouldn't have any trouble. Obviously like I said if it says to put it in the bottom crack of the trunk you can just as easily put it under the bumper if it doesn't fit or you dont feel comfortable shutting the trunk on the hooks.

It did take a while the get it all sorted out the first time I put it on but from that is about all it takes. I could get this on mine or her car and loaded in about ten minutes.

Though I haven't been using this product for that long of a time, our first time using it we drove all the way to Erie PA, about a two and a half hour drive for us, covering most types of roads you would encounter. Didn't come loose at all throughout the drive and stayed tight on the highway, even through extremely torrential downpours.

The bottom line of this bottom line is that for the price and the function, I really don't think you can get much better than this. I liked it so much that I returned my bones and am buying a thule for myself this week.

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