Sport Rack Nomad Fork Mount Bike Rack


  • Mounts directly to most OEM or aftermarket crossbars (Max 3.5”).
  • Fits suspension and disk brake bikes.
  • 9 mm non-locking skewer.


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    [Jun 30, 2008]
    Cross Country Rider


    Cheap, fits factory racks, gets the job done.


    Clumsy design, rear wheel strap is too short.

    I bought a new car and Yakima/Thule don't make towers for it, so I'm stuck with a factory rack and second-tier carriers. The SportRack Nomad looks to be about as good as it gets for fork-mount bike carriers on factory racks, and it still leaves much to be desired compared to my truty old Yakima Viper carriers. Here is a short comparison to illustrate my complaints:

    - The Yakima can be installed or removed by taking out the skewer and removing one thumb screw; the SportRack Nomad installs with six thumb screws and a handful of loose hardware that likes to fall all over the place.
    - The rear mount on the Viper slides through a channel to any position your heart desires; the Nomad's rear mount screws into two of several stamped holes along the wheel tray, which may or may not match the spacing of your crossbars well.
    - The Viper's rear wheel strap is a strong plastic ratchet-and-strap that is quick to use and which stays put; the Nomad's rear wheel strap is a piece of nylon webbing that is barely long enough to get around my road bike's rim, threaded through a plastic buckle with nothing ensuring that it won't work loose. I immediately replaced mine with a longer Velcro strap.
    - The Viper locks to your crossbars so nobody can walk off with it; the Nomad does not.
    - The Viper has a locking skewer to keep your bike safe in the parking lot while you get lunch; the Nomad does not.

    To be fair, the Nomad does get the job done, and costs half of what Yakima or Thule charge for their fork-mount carriers. Still, it's worth paying the extra money for quality gear if you plan to use your bike carries more than twice in your lifetime.

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