SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack


Single Bike Rack for Roof Tops with Rear Wheel Strap. Front fork holder for one bike, attached to three 6" SeaSuckers. Includes one Rear Wheel Strap (6" SeaSucker with hook-and-loop straps) to secure your bike's rear wheel and keep the tail from sliding left or right. This rack has one fork clamp attached to three 6" SeaSuckers. Rack body made of 1/2" HDPE, which makes it strong enough to hold your bike yet flexible enough to follow the curve of your roof line. Designed to mount to your roof and front windshield, but can be used just about anywhere - on the roof, on the trunk, etc. Approximate size: 15" x 12".


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[Feb 07, 2012]
Cross Country Rider


Pluses: Goes on anything, looks cool, portable, isn't permanent, strong, Value


Need accessories to secure to vehicle

Here is the URL at for my full review with color pictures of it in use

So, let me give you a small back story on why I was interested in SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack.

I work for a car rental company, and drive a different company car home, usually nightly. Recently, we have started a pilot program and was given a vehicle that I would be using for some period of time.

The reason I mention this is because, bicycle transportation has always been iffy for me. I'm never certain if I will be taking home a vehicle that I can transport my bike in, and if I can, it usually means trunk and the backseat is completely taken up.

If i bought a hitch rack, very seldom would a vehicle I take home have a hitch.

After trying to think of some solutions, I remember seeing "Sea Sucker Bike Racks" posted, I decided to do some research. After seeing the price-tag I was a little turned off, but as we all know, having a quality rack for transporting your expensive and dear bike is going to cost.

When I found out I would be having a Chevy Malibu for a couple months, I decided I didn't want that to affect my riding, so I ordered up a Sea Sucker Talon as a birthday present for myself.

The item itself is pretty amazing, I'm really digging it.

Here's the deal with this rack, plain and simple - READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

The "Apply moisture to the sealing edge of your SeaSucker" seems to be a key in having a solid, secure hold. I just use some water from my camelback or bottle of water on each sucker, swish the water around and then attach to car. If you don't have a moist sealing edge, you will not have a good seal.

If you can't tell, I'm pretty pumped about this rack. Used it twice this weekend and got some good feedback from riding buddies and strangers.

I still need to purchase the accessory that allows you to attach it to the vehicle via the window or trunk.

Pluses: Goes on anything, looks cool, portable, isn't permanent, strong, Value

Room for improvement: Case- something to keep it in when not in use, need more regional sales reps, carry in stores so you can see it in person without making a blind purchase.

Overall Opinion: This thing ROCKS! It resolves ALL of my bike transportation needs.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger pic.

Here is a picture of the Talon, itself - This connects to your bike's quick release

Here is the picture of the portion that you secure to your rear wheel

Each "Sucker" has a protective cover when not in use

They even give a free spare "sucker"

This is my bike after attaching the SeaSucker Rack and putting my bike up (you can see some water on the windshield from me getting the seals wet)

Here is the rear wheel

Notice I need to get a padlock for the rack. Also need to purchase the window lock to secure the rack to the car.

My wife being patient as she waits for me taking pictures of my SeaSucker

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None - Product unique due to portability and ability to be used on any vehicle

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