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Introducing the Saris Solo Single Bike Rack: the first and only 1 bike trunk rack with 0 mechanical frame adjustments. You've been looking for a simple, affordable way to get one bike from A to B. That's why Saris created Solo. Whether you need to safely


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[Jun 03, 2013]


Cheap. Light. Easy installation and removal. It works as advertised. Rubber feet and plastic coated hooks have not made any marks on my paint job.


The Solo is not adjustable, so it is especially important to consult Saris' website to ensure the Solo is compatible with your car. Secondly, and this not necessarily a weakness so much as an inevitability with a single bike rack, it is pretty much required that you pad your inside pedal to prevent it from scratching your car. There are no gaps on the mounts to provide clearance for the cables running under your top tube.

When I first heard about the Saris Solo, I was very skeptical. When I went to a brick and mortar to have a look at the thing in person, I was even more skeptical. It neither looks nor feels like it should work. It's plastic. It weighs, I'm guessing, less than three or four pounds total? But I had read all the positive reviews on Saris' own site and thought for the low price I could give it a chance.

Much to my surprise it worked. And not only did it work, it's stable and does not move around while driving. As mentioned above, it is likely necessary to pad your inside (car side) pedal when using this rack. In fact, it's probably a good thing if your pedal DOES make contact, as the bike will weigh itself down and cut down on any possibility of sway. I use a large sponge with a pedal sized slot cut into it for this purpose. Saris also sells pads. Also, be aware the maximum weight limit Saris recommends is 35 pounds. I can confirm that the rack does perform fine with a bike that heavy. I tested with my 34 pound DJ bike.

Excellent value. Highly recommended.

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