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Saris SentinelTrunk/Rear Mount Bike Racks Comes assembled AdjustsTo fit most vehicles Item Specifications Number of Bikes 3 Unit of Sale Each Ship Weight 18 lbs


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[Jun 13, 2012]
Weekend Warrior


Saris has provided good customer service to me. I originally bought a Bones 3. It would not fit over the spoiler on my car. Saris sent me a Sentinel 3 in replacement and did not ask for me to return the Bones 3. I sold the Bones 3 for about 80% of what I paid for it,

When I complained about the Sentinel 3 they offered to replace it with a Bike Porter Trunk 3, a more expensive rack, at no charge but are requiring me to return the Sentinel 3.

They said no one has complained about the cradles slipping in the arms or about the straps being difficult to work with. I find that surprising.


The nylon straps holding the rack to the car slipped so I replaced them with straps that had more prominent ridges and this helped. A buckle that is spring loaded with serrated teeth would be more secure.

The cradles slipped on the arms and allowed the bikes to move around. I split some plastic sleeves and mounted them on the arms between the cradles. They held the cradles in place so this was no longer a problem. This would be an easy fix to include during manufacturing.

The biggest problem is the plastic straps that hold the bikes in the cradles. The straps have 4 short pegs on one end and holes on the other end that fit over the pegs. These allow for tightening the straps to the cradle. It didn't feel like the most secure system but I never had the straps come undone if they were properly fastened,. Fastening them properly was not always easy. The plastic becomes more stiff as the temperature drops. In hot weather they are easier to work with and can be secured using only finger pressure. When the temperature dropped below 70' I had to resort to using the key to my car to press the straps securely into place over the pegs. This was the deal breaker for me.

The cradles are large enough that sometimes it's difficult to get the bikes to clear the ones on the front of the arms to mount the bikes closer to the car.

The rubber pads on the rack that protect the finish on the car slip so if you are not careful that they are properly placed the steel rack can cause damage to the paint on the car.

I found this to be a poorly engineered rack which could have been improved with rather obvious and not too expensive design changes.

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