Arkel Randonneur Bike Rack


Planning a long ride, even a 2-3 day stint, and you need to carry stuff but you don't want to outfit your steed with a full-fledged bike rack. Up to now, you had a choice between the heavy seat post beam racks that clamp hard on the seat post and rotate around it, or the flimsy and flapping, low capacity bags that clip on a tiny ring bolted around the seat post. Here is the Arkel Randonneur Rack. A sleek quick release bracket attaches to the seat rails which offer a rock-solid attachment point. The front of the rack merely rests against the seat post with a soft rubberized clamp that is closed shut with a velcro strap. Stress on the seat post is kept at a minimum with no damage done to the seat post finish. The dual attachment points of the Randonneur Rack bring unequalled stability to the system. And best of all, the Randonneur Rack is installed and removed in seconds. Maximum Load: Arkel states a maximum load of 13 lbs. The actual maximum load will be dictated more by the particulars of your bike than the actual capacity of the Randonneur Rack, which can withstand more than the stated maximum load. So you may need to consult your seat and seat post manufacturers to verify whether or not they prohibit the use of such a seat post rack, in which case we recommend that you abide by those manufacturers instructions.

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