1upUSA Super Duty Bike Rack


  • Rapid tilt and folding mechanism for smaller footprint
  • Rack arms close to secure tires without touching the frame
  • Compatible with the Standard and Super-Duty Add-Ons (sold separately)
  • All rack parts anodized, except a powder-coat finish on the trays


  Available Models:

  • Super Duty Duble & Single


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[Aug 04, 2021]


I researched all the best 2 bike tray style bike racks with a 2" hitch option and it was the best rack I could find for the money. The SuperDuty comes in a single tray version with a 2" stinger which only weighs like 28lbs. I love this modular configuration because I remove my rack often when not in use. 28lbs is so easy to move around and when I need to cary two bikes, I just install the 2nd tray (I could have saved 5 more lbs by going with a Quick Rack, but I really wanted a 2" singer - not a 1 1/4 with an adapter). All of this takes just minutes. 1.5min to install the single, and maybe 3min to install both. In addition to that, the rack folds up like Optimus Prime! I can just throw it in the back of the truck when I'm done with it or put it in the garage. It's the best of both worlds if you cary one bike most of the time. The build quality is top notch. I appreciate that it is very simple in design and uses regular exposed hardware you can get from a hardware store as far as bolts and screws so it should last for years. Plastic is only seen in the bushings when seem easy to find alternative replacements as well. Love the NASA style build on it. Also, if I ever venture off into eBikes, the rack can handle 75lbs per bike, so it's future proof for me. Bikes are very secure to the rack by the wheels with little to no way to fall off the rack unless you just don't know what you're doing. The approach angle and stadium seating position of the trays eliminates ground scraping issues. Being able to adjust how far the stinger goes into the hitch is nice for a fine tuned installation where the bike is very close to the car without the rack hitting the bumper. Just tighten the ball screw adjustment til secure at your desired depth into the hitch. Price-wise, it's expensive but not when you compare to Thule Helium $850, Kuat NV $850, Saris MTR $800, and other racks of this caliber. Some features are superior to the competition and it lacks slightly in other areas. Overall, this was the best rack for me.


I just don't see women really digging this rack as much as technical guys who can appreciate it's simplicity. It's not the best looking rack but I appreciate what it's about. Holding the lever slightly to pull the wheel retainers apart is a little clunky. It's easy for a 1st time, non technical person to pull on that thing, bind the slider, and bend the ratchet rail very easily. This should be redesigned Pulling on the handle to actuate the tilt function is not easy if you have multiple bikes on the rack. You have to reach in between bikes to get to it and then you have to make sure each side is compressed evenly to disengage. There is a handle option that can be purchased separately, but I can see this being an issue for some. Not much of an issue for me but my old rack was slightly easier to actuate the tilt with a lever on the end of the rack. There is no security included to lock the bikes to the rack. This is not an issue for me because I feel that most integrated locks are a joke anyway - but other racks do include them. Not perfect, but I still think it's more than worth it to put up with these small imperfections for what you get.

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