L.L. Bean Bicycle Shop Tyson's Corner Virginia - Bikeshops, Tysons Corner, Virginia

L.L. Bean Bicycle Shop Tyson's Corner Virginia - Bikeshops, Tysons Corner, Virginia


L.L. Bean, the huge retail, online, and outlet store company is entering into the bicycle market competition/fray with a super clean repair shop, low to mid grade bicycles made by Schwinn, and lots of other mid-range items for the consumer. Very courteous and professional staff,...at least at Tyson's Corner! Gotta love the unconditional warranty,... just like there L.L. Bean boots, if you try it and don't like it for whatever reason,... bring it back, money refunded, no questions asked.


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[Jul 31, 2007]
Cross Country Rider

Extremely clean repair area, everything is BRAND NEW! All their tools are Park Tools, and its spotless wherever you look. No hassle on returns either,...if you're not satisfied for any reason regarding any product,...bring it back for a full refund or exchange. Really, no questions asked, just like their LL Bean boots! The shop sells low to mid end bicycles made by Schwinn and K2. Also, a full range of gear and accessories in the low to mid range too. A very open environment to browse and test ride stuff. It's kinda like your favorite bar there, you ease up to the counter and just feel right at home. It would be nice if they are able to compete with the other NOVA bike shops. There seems to be one on every corner here!

Customer Service

Jesse, a former Hudson Trail Outfitters mechanic, is truly a GREAT guy! He took the time with me and was very courteous, polite, and professional. Hey, the guy is a UVa grad in Biochemisty and had no 'chip' on his shoulder at all. There was no 'biker I am better than thou' attitude at all, period. Another tech there is Tim (a former Spokes mechanic and XC racer), but I didn't have a chance to work with him, only on the phone, and he was cordial too. Chris is the Manager at LL Bean. He was very easy to work with and ordered everything I needed. Chris backs the LL Bean unconditional warranty too I might add. If you don't like what you got, bring it back! BTW, Jesse let me step behind the counter to watch him work and to learn new tips in bike repair, the guy is A1 alright in my book.

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I special ordered a suspension fork from LL Bean and they ordered and installed it for me, with no issues. It is backed with the LL Bean warranty which I cannot complain about either. I will go back there again just to hang out, when the wife is looking to shop in the Womens Department for a new bathing suit! The mechanics are great and are hungry for your business. Check them out, you will be pleased with their service, prices, and,... did I say, their WARRANTY? WOW!

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