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[Dec 31, 2012]

Glory Cycles

Why you should never buy a bike from these “professional” bike builders.

I purchased a Pinarello Dogma Think 2 from Glory, here is a recap of my experience:

1. The saddle was pointing to the left. Clive DeSouza informed me that it was normal for a seat to be off a little. Are you kidding me? I eventually stripped the frame down and returned it to Gita for repairs and adjustment. When stripping the frame down, we noticed many more issues.
2. Shifters were barely tightened on the handlebars, and I could move them with hardly any pressure. They were also both pointing to the left (maybe to offset the saddle?). They were also different heights.
3. Handle Bar tape wrapped with wide gaps, you could see the metal, had to rewrap.
4. Incorrectly wired shifters, I got the specifications from Campagnolo and had wiring redone. Eventually insulation on wiring would have worn through.
5. Rear derailleur tightened way past 15NM
6. Cassette Lock Ring loose, at 5 NM, specs called for 40NM
7. Rear hub on Campy Shamal Wheels defective bearings, sent to Champy for warranty, could actually hear bad bearings when spinning wheel.
8. Brake pads front, not positioned at all or tightened.
9. Brake pads rear correctly positioned but not tightened.
10. Derailleur hanger out of alignment, inward bend at bottom, twisted inward at front.
11. Rotor crank – spacers not putt on crank, causing EPS not to shift correctly, could not shift to the big chain without chain dropping to outside, could not shift down to small chain ring unless on cog 27. Installed spacer ring and problem disappeared.
12. Rotor crank arm on left side not adjusted to remove play in crank /bottom bracket.
13. Bottom bracket, unfortunately I assumed this was okay, it was not. After a week of riding the pedals started getting resistance, and than starting lurching. Attempted to disassemble the bottom bracket, the right side came off. The left side started stripping the Rotor tool it was fastened so tight. Eventually we finessed the external cup off without damaging the frame. The bearings looked like pieces of black rice. I also paid for the grade 3 ceramic bearings, they installed 6906 steel bearings ($190 price difference) cartridge.
14. SRM power meter, I purchased a SRM power meter, tried to calibrate it, and realized the cadence magnet was not installed on the bottom bracket. I called Glory Cycles and they insisted in was in the spare parts box they also sent with the bike. Talk about totally tone deaf, they did not seem to think the fact that it was not even installed was relevant. I fabricated my own cadence magnet set up.

I arranged to talk to Clive DeSouza at 11AM one day. When I called he was not in, and informed to try again in one hour, I called back and was told he was not in, to call back in an hour. So I called back a third time and finally got him. The previous 2 conversations lasted about 10 seconds. Clive DeSouza stated to me “ I talk to you more than I talk to my wife” and “ I am told that you keep calling.” That was the end of my dealings with Glory Cycles.

Beware of this bike builder, they don’t know how to, or don’t care, in building bikes.

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