Citybikes Workers' Cooperative - Bikeshops, Portland, Oregon

Citybikes Workers' Cooperative - Bikeshops, Portland, Oregon


Citybikes is a cooperatively run bicycle shop located in Portland, OR. There are two different Citybikes locations, the Citybikes Annex and the Citybikes Repair Shop. The Annex specializes in refurbished used bikes, new bikes, trailers, bike rentals and accessories. The Repair Shop specializes in custom repairs and tune-ups and has a wide selection of used and new parts. We are a worker-owned and operated business and we believe in cycling as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation.


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[Sep 08, 2006]
Cross Country Rider

CityBikes Workers Collective is an awesome resource for Portland area cyclists. In particular, the used parts room in the Repair Shop (20th & Ankeny location) has a fantastic selection of used cassettes, cranks, chainrings, brake levers, handlebars, 3-speed hubs, stems, you name it. If you want old stuff this is where you go. Also THE place to get your internally geared hub serviced. Plenty of new stuff too. The Annex has a good selection of used bikes in good condition. Great place to go if you don't want to spend a lot and don't need the latest technology but want to buy something solid that will last you a long time.

Customer Service

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff -- not necessarily everyone, but there's always at least one person there who seems to know everything. Also very hands-off if all you want to do is root through the massive parts bins. Just put everything back where you found it when you're done!

Similar Products Used:

Besides commercial bike shops, Portland is blessed with several cooperatively run stores including not only CityBikes but also Bike Central downtown, Bicycle Repair Collective on SE Belmont and the Community Cycling Center on NE Alberta. The others have their merits but don't have the used parts selection of CityBikes. If you're looking for a used bike, I'd look at Sellwood Cycle Repair, CityBikes Annex and also at Community Cycling Center.

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