pedalers bikeshop - Bikeshops, Heath, Ohio

pedalers bikeshop - Bikeshops, Heath, Ohio


very few bikes, only 2 recumbents, and a grumpy old red haired dude who is mean to bmxers! he's a good mechanic but be prepared to pay a arm and leg!


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[Jul 16, 2009]
Weekend Warrior

Wow! This is unbelievable! PLEASE READ THIS! We are Peddlers at 605 South 30th Street in Heath Ohio. OUR bike shop profile posted here (and mis-spelled) was written by Cody Clary, the manager/employee of our competitor! (Look it up) I can't believe MTBR would allow a business to write the profile of its competitor! We've asked MTBR to remove it. Now let's have some facts. The owner of this competing business used to be our employee. He also rode on our BMX team. (Remember... we hate bmxers!) We carry Raleigh & Diamondback bicycles, TerraTrike, Catrike & Sun recumbents. WE choose not carry BMX! Since our competitor thrives on BMX, they should be thrilled!

Customer Service

Yes, I guess I'm the old dude, since I have 30 years of experience in bicycle sales & service. Hate BMXers? Don't get that. We don't carry BMX. Good mechanic? That's what everyone, including this competitor says. We definitely take care of business and our customers. That's what we do and it obviously concerns our competitor. (Why else would they be trying to mess with us?)

Similar Products Used:

One more thing. Just because someone tells you they are cheaper than others, doesn't make it so. Make them prove it. We are told by MANY customers we have the best prices they've seen. Do yourselves a favor and CHECK! We don't play games. We have great prices and repair service, along with the BEST customer service! In the past 3 decades we've sold and seviced a TON of bikes. We have literally thousands of satisfied customers in the central Ohio area. Now that you know the truth, expect to see a backlash here from the competition... I guess they don't have anything better to do!
MTBR should remove this shop profile.

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