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[Jul 02, 2011]
Weekend Warrior

I got a new ride this winter actually in Feb. A 2010 Jamis Dakar XC Comp from Bike Depot North in E. Northport. I didn't get to ride it until April, but when I did get to ride it the front brake felt very mushy so I brought it in to be re-bled but had to wait 2 weeks until they were able to get the bleed kit and it was fine but after a couple days it was mushy again so I called the shop and explained to them that it happened again and the brakes were squealing which I knew right away they got brake fluid on the pads and told them this. The re-bleed the brakes again and they were fine again and when I picked it up the mechanic apologized and said the owner of the shop called Jamis and that I will have a new brake system within a week and to bring in my bike. That was around May 17th or 18th (still waiting by the way for my new brake). Now it has happened again and again no bike so called Bike Depot North and got the owner and asked what was going on and her response was that Jamis never got in touch wither her so that means they do not have the part we will call you as soon as we get it during the conversation I asked how long until I will be able to ride my bike her response was you can still ride the bike just don't use the front brake. Well I didn't llike that answer so called Jamis myself and spoke to the warranty dept who was actually reading my post on and was in the process of getting in touch with me via pm, I told them the situation and what Bike Depot had said to me. Jamis informed me that they do not handle componentn warranties and that Bike Depot North has to go through Shimano and that Jamis has responded to the May 16th claim on my bike the next day and told them what to do and someone at the shop pretty much told Jamis they didn't have the time and hung up them. I told the people at Jamis what was said to me that Jamis never got in touch with Bike Depot North (which was a bunch of BS). S Jamis called Shimano and then called Bike Depot North and told the owner what to do and her response to Jamis was she doesn't have an account with Shimano in turn Shimano told Jamis she doesn't need to have an account for the warranty issue, to just ship the brake to them and they will send a new one out simple. Well to avail I didn't hear back from Bike Depot North as of last evening but within 10 minutes Jamis was intouch with me and and let me know that it was being handled. I will be calling Bike Depot North sometime today t see what they are going to say knowing what Jamis told me.Dropped the bike off on June 9th and did not hear anything so I called the shop on Monday I was told that the part was shipped to Shimano, but with what has happened in the past I decided to call Shimano myself and to no avail Shimano has not recieved anything from the shop named above yet again more bad business.I went to the shop an was told they shipped it this past Tuesday June 21st remember my bike has been there sincr the ninth, they also know that I spoke to Jamis and Shimano and have posted my experience with them on other forums as well as here. As soon as I get my bike back they have lost a customer and many others who would have spent their hard earned money there.

Customer Service

went on 7/1 at 4PM and the bike wasn't even ready so got the bike and parts after having words with the owner. she said she would give me the bike but not the parts i told her the warranty parts are mine sent from shimano she argued that jamis was warranting the parts and i told her i spoke to jamis and they said shimano was responsible for the parts not jamis they just do the waaranty on the frame. the owner was trying to double talk me but since i was on the phone with both companies i knew the story. the owner was abrasive to both my wife and me. so moral to the story is NEVER GO TO BIKE DEPOT NORTH they treat their customers horrible and don't have compitant staff working.

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