Elephant Perch - Bikeshops, ketchum, Idaho

Elephant Perch - Bikeshops, ketchum, Idaho


Welcome to the best bike shop in the Valley. Whether you’re looking for a full-suspension mountain bike, super light carbon road bike, or a classic looking cruiser to fetch your lattes with, we’re your shop. We offer some of this planet’s most desirable rides from Specialized, Ellsworth, Look and Electra. Bikes for kids, commuters, tourists, racers, and weekend warriors.

Rentals are available in all flavors: road, mountain, bike path, and kids. We also have tandems and Burley trailers for rent. Check the rental page of this site for specific models and prices.

The difference between an o.k. bike shop and a great one is the people who work there. Admittedly, they’re not much to look at, but the scruffy, proletarian literati and frustrated poet-musicians who staff the repair shop at the Perch are among the finest anywhere. Nothing makes them feel more fulfilled, more connected to the cosmic unconsciousness of the universe than making someone’s two-wheeled experience a good one. No, really. Repair work is professionally prompt and advice on bicycle or trail choice is dispensed with generosity and quaint wisdom.

We also offer custom road bike and mountain bike fitting using the Wobblenaught laser system. We can put you in the optimum position on your current bike, or help you determine the perfect size for your new bike. By appointment, by gosh.


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[Jan 28, 2007]
Cross Country Rider

A big shop with mtn and road bikes and climbing gear.

Customer Service

Brought my 3 month old Stumpjumper in with a broken freehub, the shop manager said there would be no charge for a replacement and that I could pick it up in a few days. I mentioned that I had come from Oregon to ride and had nothing else to do without my bike so he cannibalizes something and I'm back on the trail that afternoon!

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